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Relief from Pain & Dysfunction

Improve Optimal Performance

Are you ready to take the next step in your Healthcare Journey?

Care Plans Tailored To You

Our unique team of Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Therapists, Aestheticians &
Clinical Nutritionists are here to guide you on your path to maximum health.

Learn About High Intensity Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy reduces inflammation, alleviates pain, and speeds-up tissue recovery time, providing our patients with genuine relief. Laser therapy can improve your range of motion, decrease your inflammation, and improve your quality of life.

"I felt better that day!"

“ Before I came into Essential Regenerative Medicine I could only walk a couple of hours on my knee. I saw the ad for an introductory offer on Facebook and I was skeptical. I came into the office and I had a laser treatment… I felt better that day! Halfway through my treatment I went to NYC for four days, tons of walking and my knee didn’t bother me at all. Before I came here I saw orthopedics and had knee braces: none of that worked. Coming here to see Dr. TJ worked and my knee is 100% better.”

~David, 64 Age Completed our Knee Pain Program

"Made me a believer...."

“What brought me in was the $27 Facebook offer, I was kinda skeptical at first. When I came in I was limping from work, I drive a truck for work. When I had my first treatment I was feeling good, no issues and walking straight. That made me a believer. I went back to work and told all my friends. I can keep up with my grandkids now.” 

~Mike, Age 58 Completed our Knee Pain Program

“This treatment is life changing."

“This treatment is life changing. I went for a knee evaluation after spending the day at the zoo. I could barely walk due to my knee pain. After one treatment my knee pain had subsided drastically. I could walk and climb my stairs without pain. I can’t wait to continue my treatment plan. Amazing!” 

– Lisa, Age 56

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