"I felt better that day!"

“ Before I came into Essential Regenerative Medicine I could only walk a couple of hours on my knee. I saw the ad for an introductory offer on Facebook and I was skeptical. I came into the office and I had a laser treatment… I felt better that day! Halfway through my treatment I went to NYC for four days, tons of walking and my knee didn’t bother me at all. Before I came here I saw orthopedics and had knee braces: none of that worked. Coming here to see Dr. TJ worked and my knee is 100% better.”

~David, 64 Age Completed our Knee Pain Program

"Made me a believer...."

“What brought me in was the $27 Facebook offer, I was kinda skeptical at first. When I came in I was limping from work, I drive a truck for work. When I had my first treatment I was feeling good, no issues and walking straight. That made me a believer. I went back to work and told all my friends. I can keep up with my grandkids now.” 

~Mike, Age 58 Completed our Knee Pain Program

“This treatment is life changing."

“This treatment is life changing. I went for a knee evaluation after spending the day at the zoo. I could barely walk due to my knee pain. After one treatment my knee pain had subsided drastically. I could walk and climb my stairs without pain. I can’t wait to continue my treatment plan. Amazing!” 

– Lisa, Age 56